Sudbury farmer doesn’t want genetically modified alfalfa to be planted…

By Carol Mulligan, Sudbury Star

Monday, July 29, 2013 6:42:50 EDT AM

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“It’s a nightmare of a crop, says Lavigne farmer Dave Lewington, and he doesn’t want it anywhere near his fields.

Lewington is one of two farmers who have asked the Ontario government to conduct an environmental assessment of genetically modified alfalfa seed before it is sold in the province.

In April, Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz approved the first genetically modified alfalfa variety to be registered in Canada.

As far as Lewington knows, that seed hasn’t been planted yet, and he and many other Ontario farmers want it to stay that way.

Lewington couldn’t speak to the technical aspects of his application for an environmental assessment under the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights, referring those questions to the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

But he knows what could happen if the genetically modified alfalfa seed is planted anywhere near his operation.

Lewington operates Dalew Farms, raising grass-fed beef, pastured pork and vegetables about an hour from Sudbury. His products are organic and non-genetically modified.”

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